The Yellow Ao Dai



Hanh Bui


Minnie Phan






10.25" x 10.32"


Lovingly illustrated by Minnie Phan, Hanh Bui's debut picture book, The Yellow Ao Dai, is a warm story of family, identity, and remembering those who came before.

Naliah is excited to perform a traditional Vietnamese Fan Dance at her school's International Day. When she finds that her special ao dai no longer fits right, she goes to her mom's closet to find another.

She puts on a pretty yellow one - only to accidentally rip it while practicing her dance. She's horrified to discover that this was a very special ao dai that her grandmother had worn to dance at the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam.

But with a little help from her mom's sewing kit and her grandmother's loving legacy, Naliah learns not only how to mend the yellow ao dai but also how to believe in herself and make it her own.

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The Yellow Ao Dai

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