Give This Book Away!



Darren Farrell


Maya Tatsukawa


Hard Cover




9.81" x 9.88"



Two award-winning creators team up for this picture book about what happens—and how you feel—when you give to someone else. And then it asks you to do just that—with the book in your hands!

Prepare to open a very special book—a book that you read, but that you don’t keep. That’s right. This book isn’t destined for a pile in your room. It’s not going to gather dust on a bookshelf. This book is for you to read and enjoy, and then to give away. Yes, away, to someone you’ve never spoken to before.

So, who are you going to pick? The next person you pass on the street? Someone sitting alone on a bench? A kid at the park? Who knows—maybe you’ll even make a new friend!

Here is a one-of-a-kind picture book that brilliantly introduces the act of giving—quite literally—in a concrete way for kids to understand, and reveals how good it feels when you do.

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Give This Book Away!

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