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Hotpot represents a microcosm of Chinese cuisine and is one of the most iconic food experiences of Chinese culture.

The designer chose the red colour of the Forbidden City as the main colour and adorned the hotpot with an auspicious cloud pattern. The wood materials, design ingenuity and colourful pieces appeal to children, making this the perfect introduction to hotpot. The ingredients in the set are balanced with a wide offering of meat and vegetables, replicating a true hotpot dining experience.

Starting from a young age, children can be taught to develop a positive relationship with food, adopt healthy eating habits, and find joy in the process. Additionally, this approach subtly instills the importance of food education in children and allows them to experience the beautiful tradition of "sitting around and eating together" in Chinese culture.

Materials: MDF, Beech, Plastic, Wood, Bamboo
Total number of pieces: 57

This set comes in the most beautiful boxed package, perfect for gifting.

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      Hot Pot of Forbidden City

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