Walking Together



Albert D. Marshall and Louise Zimanyl


Emily Kewageshig


Hard Cover 




9.16" x 9.27"


This innovative picture book introduces readers to the concept of Etuaptmumk-or Two-Eyed Seeing, the gift of multiple perspectives in the Mi'kmaw language-as we follow a group of young children connecting to nature as their teacher.

A poetic, joyful celebration of the Lands and Waters as spring unfolds: we watch for Robin's return, listen for Frog's croaking, and wonder at maple tree's gift of sap. Grounded in Etuaptmumk, also known as Two-Eyed Seeing-which braids together the strengths of Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of knowing-and the Mi'kmaq concept of Netukulimk-meaning to protect Mother Earth for the ancestors, present, and future generations-Walking Together nurtures respectful, reciprocal, responsible relationships with theLand and Water, plant-life, animals and other-than-human beings for the benefit of all.

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Walking Together

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