The Book of Jewish Joys (No OYs)



Amanda Minuk






8" x 8"



The Book of Jewish Joys (No OYs) is a celebration of Judaism's little moments, like:

  • Slurping matzah ball soup
  • The smell of freshly baked challah
  • A gooey bite of Hamentashen
  • A really fun hora
  • Being lifted up and down on a chair at a simcha
  • Savouring the beauty of the lights on the last night of Chanukah

There are a lot of "OYs" that come with being a Jew, but there's also a great amount of joy. The Book of Jewish Joys (No OYs) reminds us of all the small things that make it fun being Jewish, even if you're only Jew - "ish" or not at all.

The order of the book doesn't matter. You can read it from front to back or back to front or just flip through it here and there.

There are three sections to the list of 72 small joyful things: Jewish Food, Jewish Celebrations and Cultural Fun.

This book is not a definitive list, and you may not agree with all the 'joys'- but perhaps that itself is part of the joy- being able to think about and discuss the small and beautiful things about being Jewish.

BONUS! This book is full of Jewish cultural fun facts and trivia. Enjoy reading this book as a family and share your own joys together!

But remember: No OYs allowed ... minor kvetching is tolerated.

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The Book of Jewish Joys (No OYs)

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