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The Adventures of the Soul Sistas



Newton Vanriel


Monique Ra Brent


Paper Back




11" x 8.5"

Charm and Dawn are soul sistas from the heart. They share everything and have the best adventures on their Spirit family farm. When their parents, Alexandra and Nathan, adopted them from birth—first Charm, then Dawn—the two girls were by each other’s sides from day one.

But living in a rural town, not everyone saw the true beauty of the Spirit family. Polite but distant, the town was wary of a Black family with two diverse daughters—one Black and one white. Charm and Dawn, though, knew that this was really a superpower, and they created their own world to show others how great it is to be part of the soul sista’s dynamics.

The Adventures of the Soul Sistas celebrates diversity and the true meaning of family through the eyes of two wonderful superheroes.

Disclaimer: The adoption language in this book is not entirely adopt friendly. This may be problematic with some adoptee readers. Please contact us if you need more info for your adoptee reader.

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The Adventures of the Soul Sistas

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