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Jennifer Vogel Bass


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6.3" x 6.3" 

Discover a world filled with exciting fruits and vegetables in Edible Numbers, the bright, bold follow-up to Edible Colors .

Juicy apples! Plump, ripe pears! Twisted mushrooms! Counting your way through the farmer's market has never been so much fun.

This simple concept counting book will leave your mouth watering as you count from one to twelve with a kaleidoscope of tasty produce. Readers will learn about counting, variety, and color through the detailed, crisp photographs of homegrown and farmer's market fruits and vegetables!

Inspire picky eaters of all ages with a book that shows how familiar tasty foods can look very different, and new foods can can be similar to things they've already tried.

Author Bio

Jennifer Vogel Bass grew up in rural Vermont. She has a BA in anthropology from Tufts University and an MA from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where she focused on environmental communications and sustainable agriculture. She is the author and photographer of Edible Colors . Over the course of three years, she photographed every variation of a fruit or a vegetable she could find. Currently, Jennifer lives with her family in leafy Maplewood, New Jersey.

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