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Inspired by the characters in your favorite Bitty Bao books, share your love and appreciation for family and Chinese culture while engaging in imaginative play and dialogue with this wooden toy set.

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in Chinese culture. Adorably cute, this 6-piece wooden toy set builds on the importance and pride of family and traditions in the Chinese culture. Inspired by you favorite Bitty Bao books, our Bitty Bao Wooden Chinese Family Toy Set will engage children and adults in imaginative play and dialogue while they play with their toys representing three generations of family members.
Parents be just as delighted as their children to get their hands on this adorable book-inspired wooden Chinese family toy set to engage their little ones in activating their imagination through multicultural play!

Set Includes: 6 pieces; 1 wooden brother, 1 wooden sister, 1 wooden mother, 1 wooden father, 1 wooden grandmother, and 1 wooden grandfather

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    Bitty Bao Wooden Asian Family Toy Set

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