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About Us


We are the BWell’s (a play on our actual last name) and welcome to 2BWell Kids! 

We are a multi-ethnic family built through adoption. Our family make-up does not fit the traditional nuclear family that was and still continues to dominate in books, on TV and other media.  

We vowed when we brought our kiddo home that we would do our best to ensure that he will always feel seen and heard. That he will grow up with his ethnicity, identity and diversity, normalized and celebrated. 

Our goal at 2BWell Kids is simple - To curate books and materials that represent and celebrate all forms of diversity. Diverse ethnicities, cultures, religions, family make-up, and neuro and physical abilities.  

Through our goal of representing and celebrating all forms of diversity, we carry a large collection of real-life photography books. These real-life photography books align with Montessori methods and you’ll find many Montessori inspired books throughout our site as well.  

As parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to source high quality books. We have taken the time and effort to do the hard work so that you might be able to spend less time searching and spend more time reading with your family, creating memories.  

We hope you enjoy our selection.  

Be Well,  

The BWell Family  


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